Leather Trend is a tannery specialized in Chrome Free – pig skin processing for footwear lining.

It is equipped with the newest machines, for efficiency and best results in leather production, but at the same time is a tannery with a hundred years of history, and traditions with two generations of tanners working in it.

Our activity is based on the principles of entrepreneurship and resourcefulness, as well as the constant research and development of high quality solutions and innovative products, always in accordance with environmental sustainability.

Our Mission is to provide high quality products to our customers with a high level of added value, the best price/quality ratio and minimum environmental impact. In addition, our mission is to achieve customer satisfaction, as well as the best results for suppliers and the development of our employees.

Chromium Free


Since the beginning of the operations, Leather Trend has chosen to be a sustainable company, recognizing in the social and environmental responsibility the principles that guide its current and future business accomplishment, that are oriented towards development of the company and its employees, while safeguarding the future generations.

In Leather Trend we use pig skins, which are a waste product from the meat industry. We use only Bulgarian raw material, in which way we do not contribute to increasing of carbon footprint.

In our processing technology, we do not use chromium in tanning. The chemical materials that we work with are herbal substances, natural tannins and minerals that do not cause allergies, and are easier to clean as a waste water.

Wastewater Treatment Plant

Tannery wastewaters are one of the most complex cases of treatment and disposal of industrial effluents. Raw materials are organic but regarding chemical process in with both organic and inorganic reagents are used.

In order to discharge the waste waters into public sewer or receiving waters, a specific and tailored wastewater treatment plant was carefully designed, considering the type of tanning method adopted.

We build the technology of water cleaning in the most efficient and modern way using Japanese membranes and the newest European water cleaning technology in order to be environmentally conscious.


Tannery Address:
3 Malak Iskar Street
2180, Etropole, Bulgaria

Billing Address:
4 Reservoara Street,
4550, Peshtera, Bulgaria
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